2016 in progress
Documentary: Jordi Valls – Double Life
Photography: Sleaford Mods, Consumer Electronics, Cut Hands, Rudolf Eb.er, Phurpa, NWW, Moon Ribas, Neil Harbisson, Coàgul, Einar Örn, Konstruktivist, José Macabra, New Noveta.
Photography: Mirror book
Sound: Collaboration – single – Michael Gillham + RR
Film: Sleaford Mods Apolo
Sound: Dead Normal
Sound/Performance: VWxYZ – Wajid Yaseen
Sound/Performance: Eudald Van der Pla – Peacock Festival – REATUM
Sound/Performance: Eudald Van der Pla + Marc O’Callaghan – 23 MENTIDES
Film: Water Projection – TATE MODERN – Screen Purification by Jordi Valls for Director Albert Serra’s Singularity
Film: Sleaford Mods CCCB + Primavera Festival
Noise Festival Directed by Primo Gabbiano and CopdeCap – KONVENT.O
Sound/Installation: ExAbrupto Tornemi
Performance: Marc O’Callaghan + Eudald Van de Pla – HATHOR
Film: Sleaford Mods , Consumer Electronics, Sudden Infant, Mark Wynn – 100 Club London
Film: Daniel Zerbst
Film/Photography: Drunk in Hell
Film: Vagina Dentata Organ – Pompidou
Film: Vagina Dentata Organ The Administration Of Physique
Film: The New Blockaders – NK Berlin
Film: VDO – NK Berlin
Film/Photography: Extreme Rituals – Bristol

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