Vagina Dentata Organ Bristol

Vagina Dentata Organ – Bristol

Jordi Valls performing at the Arnolfini, Bristol 1st December 2012 at the Extreme Rituals : A Schimpfluch Gruppe Carnival’ Arnolfini, Bristol.
Directed: Zoë Valls

Perhaps I shouldn’t put my opinion forward as it will be seen rather biased by far but quite frankly I don’t care. It was exciting and quite simply fun to be there. A beautiful 8minute piece by cellist Alice Eldridge whilst four of Vagina Dentata’s records spinned projected (volume off) on the wall. A row of 19 mirrors awaited their fate. 13 drummers plus Jordi Valls awaited patiently above on the first floor over looking the crowd whilst the hyper cylindrical cross made of toilet paper extra quilted was being finished in the auditorium amongst the spectators. Jim Jones started preaching and on the word SHIT the drumming commenced with a Frank Zappa style movements from JV. The drummers split in two and went downstairs walked on and off the stage following the drummer with the barratina and formed a line in front of the stage. JV then got on stage and did his charismatic….almost psychotic moves as if he was preparing a pre ritual in front of the crowd and mirrors. He first used his bat, smashing the mirrors that sprayed up high above, then used a hammer and so forth. Some of the drummers kicked the bog roll cross and the crowd started to throw the rolls onto

the stage …it was somehow extremely amusing even the toilet roll that struck me straight in my face. Another drummer, Ellen Freed was spitting out frozen crab and milk into the crowd.
Throughout the set there was an audio of constant clapping which created a means of hysteria upon the crowd, I saw the most smiley faces as if it was a laugh a minute. The drumming continued the drummers returned to the stage then made their exit behind the stage which is a rather narrow corridor, where JV followed… was supposed to stop there but the vibe had turned from war into a party, the drummers just kept beating their drums, JV saluted every drummer with his Calanda drumstick and urged all of them to go out again. So on it went everybody on stage and JV enjoying every minute. One of the drummers started throwing toilet roll to the audience and again the flying loo rolls flew around, which looked really pretty. JV gave the command to the master drummer and the drummers gave a last role of the drums and that was greeted with a cheer from the spectators.

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